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Стабільна якість продукції від компанії EKIPAZH. Вигідні умови співпраці

Consistent quality

We do not claim that we produce the highest-quality structures in the Ukrainian market. But we can assure you that you will get structures with consistently high level of quality, both in winter and in high season. 

The key to consistent quality of EKIPAZH products is:

  • 17 fully-automated production lines with minimal human involvement
  • stability of our production staff’s work
  • production certified by the International Institute ITF Rosenheim
  • cooperation with reliable component suppliers only (Miroplast, Aluplast, Roto, Guardian, etc.)
Гарантуємо стабільні строки доставки продукції EKIPAZH

Stable terms

98% of orders are delivered within the stipulated time frame, regardless of seasonal fluctuations in the market.

The key to EKIPAZH’s stable and timely delivery is:

  • convenient geographical location of production facilities: in Khmelnytsky, Kharkiv, Kyiv regions
  • three factories with production capacity of 3,500 structures per day
  • production scheduling for the fastest delivery
  • 40 trucks of our own fleet
  • availability of regional warehouses
  • door-to-door delivery of orders to an end user
  • the best servicing including unloading at each delivery
Фасадні рішення від EKIPAZH

Turnkey facade solutions: from designing to production

EKIPAZH’s own Design Department performs calculations for a wide variety of projects: from a winter garden to multi-storey all-glass structures.

You will receive a full set of documents with drawings of aluminum structures for participation in bidding orders.

Production of EKIPAZH aluminum structures makes up 500 sq m of facade products per day.

After manufacturing, aluminum products are delivered to a facility by specially equipped EKIPAZH transport.

EKIPAZH використовує WinDraw - зручну програму звітності та розрахунку партнерів

WinDraw: perfect reporting and calculation system

  • We use the cutting-edge software product, with key features as follows:
  • reduced time for calculating orders
  • easy work with big facilities when several orders are linked in the program for a single project 
  • software independently generates invoices, receipts and expenditure cash orders 
  • multi-purpose program for your business’s accounting. WinDraw allows to simultaneously record both EKIPAZH products, and any other products, too.
  • instant response to errors in calculations. The program will automatically show an error immediately after it is made, without waiting for the calculation to complete.
Власний Telegram bot для дилерів від компанії EKIPAZH

All business operations in a smartphone

We have introduced your own online assistant to conveniently cooperate with us. All you need to find out information about your orders is to have Telegram messenger installed on your smartphone. You ask a question and the chatbot answers it. Easy, user-friendly, always at hand.



Компанія EKIPAZH займається виготовленням склопакетів під замовлення дилерів

Production of double-glazed windows of any complexity

You can order non-standard large-size double-glazed windows and double-glazed special glass windows.

EKIPAZH’s own production facilities allow to produce sun-screening, energy-saving, noise-proof, structural, impact-resistant, decorative, tempered and triplex double-glazed windows. The variety of double-glazed windows expands the possibilities for implementing Customer’s creative ideas.

Співпраця дилерів із EKIPAZH через відділ продажу з найпривітливішими менеджерами

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