Металопластикові вікна та двері від заводу-виробника EKIPAZH

PVC windows and doors

Metal-plastic windows and doors occupy a confident position in the glazing of modern buildings and structures.

This popularity is justified by the many advantages of such designs. In particular, with the right equipment, plastic windows and doors prevent drafts, have good energy efficiency and sound insulation.

An important factor that contributed to the widespread use of PVC structures was the variety of design solutions. Thanks to the process of lamination of profiles in more than 30 colors and the ability to mimic even the texture of wood, PVC structures are widely used in both private and mass construction.



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Aluminum structures

Aluminum profiles are made of composite material – an alloy of aluminum, silicon and magnesium. From this come its main characteristics – it is light in weight, flexible in production and durable in operation material.

If you need a non-standard solution or a large design – then it’s just aluminum!

Aluminum translucent structures can be the most non-standard types: they are used to make strong aluminum entrance doors, large sliding doors, conservatories, glass roofs, various facade structures, ventilated facades.


All-glass constructions and special double-glazed windows

Today, all-glass partitions, which are used in various fields, both in homes and offices, are installed in various areas. In addition to residential buildings and apartments, glass partitions are in demand in shopping and entertainment complexes, exhibition halls, airports, office centers. Very often, all-glass structures are installed in offices where meetings are held, because they create a feeling of lightness, at the same time do not transmit unnecessary sounds.