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Today, glazing of buildings is becoming more and more customized. This applies both to the variety of structure forms and colour solutions.
Structures with non-standard angles are increasingly used in glazing houses, with trendy accessories and unique glass decoration applied.
Lamination colour scheme allows to fit such structures into any interior or exterior of a building.

Розробка нестандартних віконних рішеннь від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH
Віконні конструкції нестандартних форм від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH

Customized structure forms

One of the most popular ways to give a room a unique look is to mount customized window structures. 

EKIPAZH has been receiving even more requests from designers and architects regarding round, triangular, arched, and trapezoidal structures. 

These structures highlight the architectural style of a building, and, if necessary, allow to increase the amount of daylight entering the room.

Стильні арочні конструкції від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH

Arched structures

Arched structures are often used for glazing historical buildings, modern new buildings and detached houses.

In addition to standard arches, EKIPAZH produces English, semi-circular, Moorish and pointed arches

Ламінування ПВХ-профілю під замовлення від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH

Laminated PVC structures

Today, lamination is the most common way to decorate structures. 

Special decorative film seems to merge with white PVC profile. It is proof to temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, humidity and other natural phenomena. This film is durable throughout the entire life of structures.

Laminated structures will fit equally well into the interior or exterior of a historic building, new building, or detached house.

The wide choice of colour and texture of films allows to implement almost any design.


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Надійне скло тоноване в масі під замовлення дилера від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is most often used for glazing office and commercial premises with large facades, and detached houses. 

This glass allows to highlight the style of your room, both inside and outside, by reducing the transparency of glass and thanks to an extensive colour scheme.

Tinted glass prevents fading of interior items, protects from prying eyes and bright sunlight.

EKIPAZH offers tinted bronze, silver and grey glass.

Великий вибір декоративного скла від фабрики вікон EKIPAZH. Скло під замовлення дилера

Decorative glass

Decorative glass is used to manufacture entrance and interior doors, internal partitions and window structures required to reduce the transparency of a double-glazed window.

A pattern on the glass surface renders decorative effect, while partially diffusing light and reducing glass transparency.

EKIPAZH’s range of products includes the following types of decorative glass: ‘Delta’, sateen and patterned glass.

Золоті шпроси

Muntin bars

Muntin bars are decorative elements of double-glazed windows. They are aluminum slats and decorative connectors, which can be used to create a variety of patterns inside a double-glazed window. EKIPAZH’s product range includes white, brown and gold muntin bars.

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